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The Super 6 Bundle

The Super 6 Bundle

This kit includes 6 labs: all of the 'Big 5' bundle, plus Gut Bacteria & Parasite testing.


This bundle is HIGHLY recommended. With six labs (and huge savings), you'll have the scientific data to understand what (and where) your deficiencies and toxicities are. With that comprehensive data, we will analyze it together and make a targeted plan that starts to rebuild and rebalance your entire body. 


  • Gut Bacteria & Parasite Testing ($200 individually)
  • Stress, Mood, & Metabolism Testing ($500 individually)
  • Omega-3 & Inflammation Testing ($200 individually)
  • Minerals & Metals Testing ($200 individually)
  • Food Sensitivity Testing ($400 individually)
  • Candida, Metabolic, & Vitamins Testing ($400 individually)
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