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The Big 5 Bundle

The Big 5 Bundle

This kit includes 5 labs:

  • Stress, Mood, & Metabolism ($500 individually)
  • Omega-3 & Inflammation ($200 individually)
  • Minerals & Metals Testing ($200 individually)
  • Food Sensitivity Testing ($400 individually)
  • Candida, Metabolic, & Vitamins Testing ($400 individually)


It is ideal for those who want a comprehensive understanding of their systems and where imbalances may be occurring.


The Stress, Mood, & Metabolism lab tests for stress and sex hormones, thyroid markers, insulin levels, and Vitamin D levels. For those experiecing: weight fluctuations, puffiness, low libido, thinning/brittle hair, brain fog, and/or mood irregularities, this test  is especially informative. 


The Omega-3 & Inflammation lab is for those experiencing joint inflammation, poor cardiovascular health, mood fluctuations, blood pressure imbalances, low energy/fatigue, and/or symptoms of premature aging. 

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