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Frequently Asked Questions: 

General Q&A

Is there a min or max age limit?

There's no maximum age for health coaching. People of all ages and abilities can benefit from it. However, due to the rapidly-changing development of children's bodies, we typically do not work with clients under the age of 18. 

What do I need to do before my first appointment?

After booking your initial consult, you will receive a Health Intake Questionnaire. This form MUST be completed and returned no later than the day before your consult. By completing (and returning) this information in advance of your appointment, it ensures we have time to review it and make the most of your consultation. 

Do you accept Insurance?

At this time, we do not accept any health insurance plans. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand; life happens & plans change. If you need to cancel an appointment, a minimum of 24-hours notice is requested. If you have to cancel within 24 hours before your appointment:
• First Time: No penalty
• Second Time: Clients will be charged 50% of the canceled service
• Third Time: Clients will be charged the full fee of the canceled service

Are you a doctor or affiliated with a medical practice?

No, I am not a licensed medical doctor. I am a certified Holistic Health Coach who will spend more time with you than most Primary Care Providers (PCPs), working to figure out your imbalances and root causes. Instead of prescriptions, we will leverage natural supplements to help bring your body back into a state of equilibrium. Additionally, I work closely with my primary care physician and her practice. For issues beyond my scope, I am pleased to recommend her medical practice.

Services Q&A

Services Q&A

Answers to specific service-related questions include:

Why do you recommend cold water immersion therapy?

Cold plunges are good for your health. They benefit not only the body and mind but also are a great modality for teaching breath work. The body is not a disjointed unit; successful cold water immersions leverage breathing techniques to calm the mind and bring about changes in brain chemistry. It’s also a great way to teach that change isn't always comfortable, but it’s the challenges we endure in life that help to elevate it.

What are some of the health benefits of cold plunges?

Cold Plunges:
• Reduce Inflammation
• Boost dopamine and norepinephrine for several hours post-plunge
• Help to regulate your autonomic nervous system via breath work
• Improves digestion, sleep quality, skin tone, and circulation
• Increases tolerance to cold by becoming cold-water-adapted
• Are quick! It only takes 2-5 minutes for maximum efficacy, but getting in 10+ minutes/week is ideal

How long will it take for me to see or feel results?

If you’ve been asked to do a 7-, 14- or 21-day detox, you should start to feel better in just a few weeks. But the real work is done at a deeper cellular level. New, fresh blood cells fully turnover in about 3-4 months. You could literally feel like a new person in 120 days! If you  maintain those healthier habits, by the end of the year, you have regenerated 97% of your body... all the way down to your DNA. By establishing new patterns, you’ll feel better and better every year. It’s pretty incredible!

What exactly is a detox and do I have to do one?

First, you do not have to follow any of my recommendations, however, having gone through a myriad of health issues, I can attest firsthand the powerful effect of a detox. Simply put, as we age, our bodies become more deficient in minerals and micronutrients while they face a daily onslaught of toxic chemicals. From the air we breathe to the food we eat and the water we drink, it’s no wonder our bodies are run down and experiencing various kinds of inflammation. A 7-, 14- or 21- day detox will help open up the clogged liver ducts to accelerate toxic sludge and metabolic waste removal.  


The detox starts with a 2.5 day mimicking fast then follows with a lunch and sensible dinner (there are parameters, however, on what is deemed ok). No snacking. No matter the duration you choose, a detox is the quickest way to get your health back on track. I will be available through the entire process to answer any questions you may have. After 21 days, you should be feeling really good. We will use this momentum to further address your goals on achieving optimum wellness. 

Labs Q&A

Labs Q&A

Labs are short for 'Laboratory tests'. Labs are not used to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We use Labs to look at underlying root causes of imbalance(s), not to diagnose medical conditions.

How do Labs work as part of my coaching program?

These may be done via blood, urine, stool, or hair. We’ll choose the right lab(s) for your health challenges, review the results together, and then develop a personalized plan to address the cause (instead of just the symptoms). 

NOTE: Lab costs are not included in the pricing for our services. 

What do I do if labs are recommended?

To get quantitative information on what’s going on in your body, we leverage specific labs to get that data. Options include either ordering the lab tests to be delivered to your home, to the office, or taking the labs with a physician. For at-home tests, after collection, there are clear directions about how to mail it in. If you don’t want to test at home, we can refer you to a physician who performs similar labs. The costs should be about the same at home vs. at a physician. However, if multiple labs are recommended, there may be a discount available.

Can I pick which Labs I want?

Of course! We'll help you understand which lab(s) will provide what type of information. Then, based on your goals and desired health outcomes, we can talk about recommended options. If you don't want to do certain ones (or want to do more than are immediately required), that's entirely up to you. 

Are Lab costs included in the cost of services?

No. Because each person may require (or desire) a different number of labs (and because each may have different pricing), we do not include the cost of labs in any of our services packages.

Supplemens Q&A

Supplements Q&A

Most people hear the term 'supplement' and think of general, one-size-fits-all, daily vitamins. At Elevate Wellness, we take a very targeted approach to supplements to help address existing imbalances (while not creating new ones).  

What are the benefits of supplements?

As we grow older, our bodies are accumulating more toxins because we’re usually deficient in vitamins and nutrients. Even the most well-rounded diets are usually not sufficient for our bodies, especially as we age. If reserves get too low, the body will break down muscle, organ tissue, and bone minerals to compensate; supplements help to resupply the body's reserves.

Why don’t well-balanced meals contain all the nutrients we need?

There are three key reasons for this: 
1. Our soil is less nutrient-dense than several decades ago. Due to the rapid growth/harvest cycle in modern food production, it means we aren't getting the same robust vitamin and mineral profiles in our foods. 


2. There is an overabundance in ultra processed foods. They contain chemical additives and fillers that actually cause you to eat more, but feel less satisfied. Ultra processed foods contain little nutritional value (if any). 


3. As we age, our digestive strength starts to weaken while permeability increases, which leads to malabsorption of vital nutrients in our digestive system (aka: "gut").

Can I just take a probiotic for my gut issues? 

Probably not. Probiotics are great if you don’t have an imbalance in gut flora or permeability. However, if you feed an imbalance with a probiotic, problems may worsen. That’s why most success in fixing overall gut health comes from an elimination diet, a detox, and then a customized supplement protocol.

Do I have to buy supplements from your recommended vendor?

No. There are other companies we can recommend. However, what really matters is that you DO NOT buy your supplements from places like AMAZON, GNC or VITAMIN SHOPPE. Too often, these supplements are not 3rd party tested, contain GMOs, and are made up of questionable ingredients that go against your health. You will pay more for quality, but to take a supplement that is more bioavailable for your body is worth the investment. 

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